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My past projects and events

In this section are listed my old Photographic projects and events.

All photos presented in this section are available for sale although my style has evolved into different style.


Photo Exhibition - July 2023 - @ Lavanda della Tuscia, Tuscania (VT) - Italy

In the famous song Cheira a Lisboa (It smells like Lisbon), the queen of Fado Amália Rodrigues sang: Lisbon has the scent of flowers and the sea.

And it is precisely the scent of flowers that takes us to the fantastic Tuscia lavender field where I had the pleasure of showing my works in a Photographic Exhibition on a magnificent stage full of colours, scents and emotions.

Moving between people, streets and waterways, like the background actor of a movie, admiring the protagonists of urban life.

il sorpasso.jpg

Spring simple and carefree but aware of its beauty.

Let's stop for a moment to observe a place that is only apparently ordinary and obvious but which instead contains an unexpected beauty.

Taking many little things in our lives for granted leads us to overlook them instead of valuing them as they deserve.

Beauty is never superfluous.

Food is art, culture, the will to live, share the moment and treat yourself well.

Cooking is a sublime form of artistic expression that combines love and imagination.

This section of photographs was born from the collaboration with Piatto Felice and also wants to stimulate the choice of vegan nutrition, without cruelty but rich in flavors and colors.

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